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Welcome. Most likely, you’ve been referred to from on of the many pieces of content created by Dale L. Roberts.  Dale has been in the self-publishing space now for several years and has positioned himself as an authority on the topic.  He has helped hundreds of people realize their dream of publishing their own books and realizing the many fruits of that labor. If you’re new here or you’ve just met Dale, then consider yourself lucky. If you follow what Dale teaches in his courses or on his YouTube channel, then expect to learn how to self publish the right way!

The DIY Publishing Course

There are a lot of people with courses out there and it’s difficult to know which one you should take. Dale has gone above and beyond to provide you with the best self-publishing course available on the market today. To make sure you can take advantage of Dale’s expertise, he offers a variety of courses, course levels, and payment options. Course pricing can be overwhelming. Dale works hard to make his content affordable. 


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Dale has built an amazing community of great people just like you who are in various stages of their self-publishing journeys. The wonderful thing about that is the amazing amount of knowledge this group of people posess. If you’re looking for that kind of knowledge and support in your own journey, then you know what to do! Click below!

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Praise from Students

It’s truly an honor to be able to share these positive words from students who have taken the DIY Publishing Course.

This is a condensed, clear step by step for the essentials of self publishing. If you’re thinking about jumping into the world of self publishing this is a great place to start and worth any investment. For your own success, get this program.

Catrina Taylor

Don’t let the name fool you. Even though this is titled “Core Content”, even experienced self-published authors, like myself can learn a lot from this course. I’ve published over 30 books and still found numerous little nuggets that either I didn’t know or helped me refine my process to become more efficient. Time saved is money saved!

Keith Wheeler

This course has all the info you will need to start your indy author business as well as information on the intermediate to more advanced level sides to the business.  Dale gets the information across in a clear and easy to understand way, and does not get lost in tangents.

Riley Morrison

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